All Natural Pest Defense


Skeeter Hawk products work best in conjunction with one another. Our patented dual-band UV technology is highly attractive to the vast majority of flying insects (including mosquitoes) and our blend of essential oils repels these insects effectively. Mosquitoes naturally hunt by detecting the air that humans and animals breath out. So, the best defense against mosquitoes is to; 1) wear some form of repellent (like our wearable essential oils tabs) that will repel them when they approach you and 2) have an attractive landing zone nearby (like our Zappers or Traps) to act as their final resting place.

Our Backyard Bait Stations are also effective as long term solutions to help maintain population control. With these devices hanging in your trees and gardens, mosquitoes and other flying pests around your property will eat the bait which will eventually kill them. Our Bait Stations can be left out and remain effective for up to 3 months before needing to be refilled. While we (and no other manufacturer of pest defense products) can guarantee 100% effectiveness, our products have been proven to severely decrease the chances of being bit when used in conjunction with one another.

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