Large Disposable Hand Warmers - 240 Pack

Large Air-Activated Disposable Hand Warmer

Buy in bulk and save! This box comes with 240 packages of Large Disposable Hand Warmers.
Each package contains 1 x Large Disposable Hand Warmer.

Don't "Bundle Up"..."Bundle Off" with our disposable hand warmer. Our unique chemistry compound makes our disposable warmer last longer than others. When opened, air reacts to the ingredients inside the pouch to create a safe and long lasting heat so you can get on with your outdoor activities. Use it all day then dispose of it easily. With the THAW Disposable Large Hand Warmer, you don't have to let cold stand in your way.

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Keep warm and cozy with disposable hand warmers from THAW. One pack stays warm for 20+ hours of safe, natural heat.

  • 20+ hours of safe, natural heat
  • Warms up to 124°F / 51°C
  • Air-activated
  • Ready-to-use
  • 240 packages
  • Each package contains 1 Large Disposable Hand Warmer
  • Total of 240 Large Disposable Hand Warmers
  • Simply open package and shake slightly to activate
California Prop 65 Warning