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Everyday lighting solutions

The NEBO brand offers unique lighting solutions for any occasion. With a commitment to excellence in craftsmanship and power, NEBO delivers industry leading quality and performance through its lines of flashlights, headlamps, lanterns and more! NEBO's continued growth and popularity make it one of the world's largest and most popular flashlight brands on the market today.

Full line of charging & power solutions

HALO is the original car jump-starting power bank company and now, with a full lineup of portable power, wireless fast-charging, and ultimate power solutions, we'll be there to keep you charged no matter what life brings.

Image of HALO bolt jump-starting car

Cutting Tools, Pocket Tools, Multi-Tools

The TRUE brand provides consumers with high quality pocket tools that don't break the bank. Incorporating modern design and strong materials, TRUE products are built tough and look great! With a commitment to craftsmanship and quality, TRUE is becoming increasingly popular within the growing everyday carry community.


THAW is reinventing personal heating. Offering traditional disposable options and our modern rechargeable lineup of pocket hand warmers and seat pads, THAW gives consumers lasting warmth in even the most bitter cold. In addition to our current lineup, app-controlled smart devices are coming soon.

complete pest defense

Skeeter Hawk pest defense products were built to provide consumers with a better alternative to dangerous chemical sprays. Utilizing all-natural essential oils tabs, whisper quiet fan traps, and 360 electric grid zapping technology, you can build your complete pest defense lineup all within one brand.

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